Klondike Gold Slots

Most slot games are similar. They have different themes but the gameplay is always the same. Klondike Gold Slots are just a little bit different than all those others. Once you play it, you'll see why actual players give this slot game five-star reviews across the board.

Playing the Slots

Many people say that slot games are the most enjoyable part of any casino. Walk into any casino in the entire world and the first games you will see are slots. You'll see a lot of them. Casinos put dozens and dozens of slot machines right in the front because so many people go to the casino to only play slots.

Why Slots?

Slots are one of the oldest casino games and still the most popular. All slot games operate with the same sort of mechanics. You have between three to five reels that are covered with different little images and symbols. The reels spin in a fast motion, with each one landing with certain images and graphics now showing on the screen.

The pay line falls horizontally and sometimes diagonally across the screen. If the images all match along the pay line, you get paid. It's just that simple and just that easy to play slots. Anyone can learn how to play and everyone can have a lot of fun playing.

The Story of Klondike Gold Slots

What makes Klondike Gold Slots different from other types of slot games? Well, this game actually has a story. This story actually tells the tale of an important chapter in U.S. history. This game tells the story of Yukon John, who is searching for gold in the rugged rivers and streams of the north.

Your mission is to accompany Yukon John on his quest and help him strike it big. There are free spins and other little ways you can get more out of the game.

How to Win at This Game

Familiar symbols and images give Klondike Gold a comfortable, charming look The reels contain pictures of letters and numbers, along with imagery you would associate with the Yukon region. You'll see goats, deer and other wild creatures, along with gold pants and Yukon John himself, who always brings bonuses with him. There's an option to set the reels to spin automatically 3, 25, 50 of 99 times in a row.

Where Can You Play Klondike Gold?

Klondike Gold is a popular slots game that you can find at many different online casinos. Look for this game anywhere you can play online slots and go looking for those gold nuggets.