Chase the Cheddar Slots

The most fun games of all are the ones where you can win money. That's why casino slots are always so much fun. They combine elements of board games, video games and gambling games into one perfect way to play. Chase the Cheddar Slots is a good example of a perfect slots game.

For Real or For Fun

Choose to play with pretend money, or just play for fun, or deposit real money into the casino and play to potentially win really big. The design, the action and the familiar slots style of gameplay makes this game fun to play any time and all the time. Adding money just adds another level of all the fun you'll have with this game.

Chasing the Cheddar

This is a five-reel slots game, so you will see a lot of colors and symbols when you play Chase the Cheddar. All of these symbols are very familiar. The game reels are made up of common letters, numbers, and pictures of cheese and mouse traps. Your goal is to get that cheese.v

Use the autoplay feature and the game will continuously spin the reels the number of times you set them to, with a max of 50 spins at a time. This means that you can set the reels to spin 50 times and just sit back and watch to see the money roll in. Which is hopefully what will happen.

Customize the Game Board

There aren't a whole lot of changes you make when you're at a real casino out in the world. But this one, you can make feel like your own game. Turn down the volume or turn certain sounds off completely at your own choosing. You can also customize the speed to make the reels spin faster or slower based on your personal preference.

The Look

The game's look is interesting and engaging. The images are highly recognizable and the graphics have a friendly, cartoonish look to them that really creates that atmosphere of fun. The colors are vibrant and bold. The whole game practically jumps off the screen because the overall look is so bright and lively.

Chasing Cheddar with Slots

The slot machines are the most-visited and most popular games in any casino environment anywhere on the planet. Slots are always the most popular games and they always see a lot of action. That's because they're fun and Chase the Cheddar Slots is a great example of how fun slot-style casino games can be.