72 Fortunes Slots

72 Fortunes is a one of the kind slot game from the popular software developer BetSoft. I never thought the day would come when I would play a game based on the concept of a monkey king in an eastern land, but that day has come. With this game, you'll need to become familiar with Sun Wukong. He's also known as the Monkey King. Upon doing a little research, I found his origins lie in the Chinese novel Journey to the West, and is about the monkey king journeying to obtain immortality, along with strength and power. His character is iconic, and while many Westerns might not understand 72 Fortunes as a theme instantly, players who are familiar with Chinese folklore and this novel will be rejoicing in this niche masterpiece. This piece of literature tackles many universally appealing subjects, like the triumph of good over evil for one.

All serious subjects aside, this game is an adventure in your pocket. You can even win up to 4440x your bet if you're clever and lucky enough. They have a special Multiplier Bonus feature that awards the best payout, along with the resins bonuses and the multiplier bonuses. There's even an instant win bonus you might be lucky enough to activate. This video slot is played on four reels, and features one row and one pay line, which is already an unusual format in itself. The minimum bet you can place on this monkey king themed game is 0.03 per spin, while the maximum bet you can place is 90 per spin. This game has an RTP of 96.41% and a hit frequency of 18.94%. This is a medium volatility slot.


This game is visually stunning and takes place on a tall mountain, thick with fog and plant life. On the left side of the game grid Sun Wukong rests. The colors are rich, and the detail of the artwork in the background almost feels influenced by detailed watercolor paintings. This game is playable on a variety of different devices, most notably smartphones, along with tablets and any other mobile tech device that you use to play on the go. To land a wind, you need to land at least three of the same symbol type. There are mask symbols, and weapons symbols.


The lowest paying winning combination is any three symbols, or three weapons or three masks. These will pay out 1x, 2x or at the most 6x your bet. To land the high winning combinations, you need at least three identical symbols. So for example, if you win three of the same axe color, whether it be orange or purple, you'll win a generous payout. If you land three of the blue mask, green mask or red mask you'll receive a lucrative payout. Any of these previously mentioned same symbol wins will pay out somewhere from 6x your bet to 296x your bet. When you land a win, you'll activate three possible features. You might activate the instant win bonus, or you'll activate the multiplier bonus by landing bottle symbols, or you'll activate the respin bonus by landing the shoe with wings symbols.

72 Fortunes Slots is incredible. You might randomly activate the 4th reel while playing, and if you do, you could land the instant win feature, the multiplier bonus or the respin bonus feature. If you receive the instant win bonus, you'll receive either 8x your bet or 18x your bet. If you land the multiplier bonus, your winnings will be multiplied by either 2x 5x or 8x your bet. Lastly, the respin bonus is activated on reels 1, 2 and 3. You can land respins up to five times by landing the respin symbol continuously.