Online bingo lets you match up the randomly drawn numbers with spaces on virtual cards to win prizes. People have been blotting cards and shouting "BINGO!" in halls for decades, and now it's easy to play from home on the internet.

This guide to online bingo games explains the rules, how to play, and which variations have the best odds. We'll also recommend some top casino sites to play for free or for real money.

Online Bingo Rules

Online bingo rules are similar to those in a parlor or hall. You get a card, or multiple cards, with numbers randomly dispersed across rows and columns. As the draw happens, you match spaces in hopes of getting a prize.

Common Online Bingo Paytable Combinations:

The spaces you need to match depends on the paytable. Below are some of the most common winning combinations when playing bingo online. The more you hit, the bigger your payout.

Single Line - The most common. Complete a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line.

Double Line - Finish two complete lines in any direction on the card.

Full Sheet - Match every space on the card to win.

Frame - Get all spaces around the edge of a card.

Z or X - Fill in spaces in the shape of either letter.

Four Corners - You only need to match the spots in the corners of your card.

How to Play Bingo Online

Online bingo is remarkably convenient. You can play multiple cards at once from the comfort of your home. Follow this step-by-step guide to start playing bingo online today.

  • Register at a Trusted Site That Offers Bingo

    Choose a site that has online bingo games. All casinos that we suggest are trusted and offer reliable banking.

  • Deposit Funds & Claim a Welcome Bonus

    Before you can win prizes, you need to deposit money on the cashier page. Claim any applicable bonuses at this time.

  • Choose An Online Bingo Game & Number Of Cards

    Pick a bingo variant from the specialty games section. You'll see titles with different themes and numbers of balls.

  • Set Your Wager & Press Play

    Define a bet amount per card and press play. Watch as the numbers pop up, and your cards fill.

  • Get a BINGO!

    Get a winning paytable combination on one or more cards to score a bingo and win!

Fan-Favorite Online Bingo Games

Online bingo comes in all shapes and sizes. You'll find varying styles, draw quantity, and the number of cards you can play simultaneously. Below are some of the most popular bingo games online you'll find at our recommended gambling sites.

  • Video Bingo
  • Go-Go Bingo
  • 80 Ball
  • Roaring 20s

Bingo Online Mobile

Did you know you can play bingo online with mobile devices? Enjoy this classic game on Android and Apple phones and tablets.

Do You Need a Bingo App?

No, playing for real money online doesn't require downloading a special bingo app. Simply, navigate to one of our recommended online casinos in the browser to experience gaming on-the-go.

Odds of Winning Bingo Online

Online bingo games range from 30 to 90 balls, but only so many get drawn each game. The odds change depending on the variables of the specific variation you're playing. Always remember, casino bingo is a game of pure chance since you play against the house.

Is Holding More Bingo Cards Best?

When you know the total number of cards and players in a bingo game, you can easily calculate your odds. Every card holds an equal chance of winning, but every player may have a different amount of cards. In this case, more cards mean a better chance to win.

Most online bingo games don't pit you against other players. You're merely trying to hit as many winning combinations as possible. Here, playing more cards online doesn't increase your odds, since each card is essentially its own game.

Number of Balls vs. Number of Calls:

No matter the number of balls or the paytable, getting a bingo is hard early in the game, with your odds increasing with each call. That means more calls equals a better chance of winning. However, the more balls you draw in online bingo, the lower the payout structure typically is.

Every bingo game online has a set number of balls, but some let you change the number of calls. For example, the 80 ball game above offers a choice between 35, 45, and 55 balls drawn. Each setting alters the paytables and your odds of winning.

Online Bingo Strategy

Online bingo drawings are entirely random, so there is no specific strategy that guarantees a win. Your best bet is using money management tactics. That means you play more cards over time and increase your chances of hitting higher on the paytable.

Bankroll Control - Bankroll strategies allow you to play more virtual bingo cards. This expert tactic gives you more chances of filling the card and winning big.

Casino Bonuses - Look for online casinos with welcome bonuses for bingo. They often double your first deposit and substantially boost your bankroll.

Common Terms - Know the game inside and out. Learning bingo's glossary of terms will help you feel confident when playing online for real money.

Have Fun Playing Online Bingo

You'll have hours of fun playing online bingo for real money. Manage your bankroll, and you might hit a full card payout or even a progressive jackpot! You can play variations like 80 Ball Bingo for as little as 1¢ per card.

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