Dragon Feast Slots

Dragon Feast is a new slot by Lion Slots that premiered in November of 2023. Dragon themed slots are a popular game aesthetic, and rightfully so. The rise of the House of Dragon TV series, for example, explains the renewed interest in dragons. That being said, there are so many dragon themed slots, and it feels like most games are just rehashing classic dragon lore and graphic themes. Nothing is wrong with that, after all many of us look for a familiar slot machine. What is wonderful about Dragon Feast is this game puts a unique twist on your typical dragon themed game. Most dragons hoard gold and riches, and typically a brave knight needs to fight the dragon to take home the gold. The Dragon Feast creature is hoarding candy instead! This game is filled with rich colors, playful graphics and even special features!


This game takes place on five reels and features three rows. There are 25 total pay lines to choose from. The game takes place against a magical cartoon tower. In the background you can see huge piles of candy scattered about. Three dragons sit at the top of the reels, one is blue, one is pink and another is green. There are numerous jackpots, and each of those jackpots is located to the left of the reels. The control panel is located to the right of the reels, rather than on the bottom. You can spin or auto spin, as well as adjust your bet using the + or - symbol. If you press the three line button, you can pull up the menu. This game has 25 total pay lines to choose from. This game pays from left to right, and the top award you can trigger is 50,000x your bet per line.

Special Features

This game has a bunch of mystery symbols. These symbols can morph into wilds or other symbols, resulting in elevated chances of landing generous prizes. The symbols might transform into colorful coin symbols, too. There are blue coins, pink coins and green coins. If you accumulate enough in one of the Dragon's Banks, which are represented at the top of the reels, you'll trigger a corresponding bonus. You might trigger free spins, extra wilds or one of the large jackpots.

The mystery symbols will make a random appearance in the wheelbox. It'll unveil a symbol that might appear with a candy symbol. The candy symbol can be collected by any of the three collector characters, depending on the candy symbol type. The Expanding Reels Feature is triggered by one or more of the candy symbols. There are three types of free games, there are single free games, free games with jackpot chance, and free games with wilds. These three types can be played either separately, or together. The single type will award you several free games and is earned when you collect blue candy symbols. The free games with jackpot chance gives players seven free games, along with the potential of winning one of the five jackpots, which can be triggered by a single pink candy symbol. The free games with jackpot chance type can also award seven free games with the number of wild symbols collected during the base game if you accumulate the green candy symbols. If you land either the free games with wilds or the free games with jackpot chance are triggered within the single free game type, and the number of free games are combined.