Fairytale Fortunes: Jack And The Giants Slots

Rival Gaming is a renowned slot software development company from the Fairytale Fortunes series. They're continuing their series with the latest addition to their collection, based on the tale of Jack and The Beanstalk. This visually appealing game is positively dynamic. In this game, our purpose is to assist dear Jack as he climbs up the beanstalk on his quest for treasure. Embarking into giant territory is no easy task though, so he won't be without struggle. This game was released in September of 2023 and features an abundance of features and gorgeous graphics that have caused this game to take the fairytale themed slot game market by storm. Surprisingly, this is actually quite a popular theme. Maybe not Jack and the Beanstalk in particular, but fairytale based slots have been surging in popularity. As more players look for escapes from the struggles of day to day life, fantasy becomes even more appealing, especially fantasy that transports us back into our childhood. This game has solid graphics and excellent payouts along with free spins. This reel will expand to 3125 bet ways, along with multipliers that increase to 5x your bet. The return to player percentage associated with this is 94.4%.


The game it set against the house in jack's village where a beanstalk is protruding out. Jack must of spilled his magic beans somewhere nearby, because I'm surprised this house hasn't collapsed under the immense weight! Interestingly enough, this game grid is in constant motion, too. The vines creep up each side of the house, which operates as the base for the actual game grid. The slot graphics are very much 3D and computer based. There is an auto spin feature, along with a manual spin. The bottom of the grid displays a bet area along with a window that displays your balance. Three horizontal bars open up a menu of sorts, which displays a pay table along with a section where you can adjust your bet size. You can also customize your game grid experience in specific ways, like adjusting the master volume or enabling or disabling the background sounds.


The highest paying regular symbol is the key, which pays out 12.50 credits for a match of five. The second highest paying regular symbol is the axe, which awards 10.00 worth of credits. The third highest paying symbol is the statue, and the fourth is the treasure chest. The animals represent the medium to low paying symbols, with the goose being the top paying one of this variation. He pays out 4.00 for a match of five, followed by the deer which pays out 3.00 credits for five. The lowest paying animals are the hen, the cow and the giant himself, who is the lowest paying symbol picture symbol.

Special Features

The wild feature is the jack symbol. He'll jump on the reels as the wild, and also replace other symbols to complete winning combinations except the scatter symbols. There's also a free spin feature. If you land three, four or five scatter magic bean symbols, you'll receive free spins, depending on how many you land. Five scatters pay out fifteen Cloud Free Spins, while four pay out 10 Cloud Free spins and three pay out five Cloud Free Spins. When this feature is active, the wild symbols will pay out 2x win multipliers. If three, four or five scatters hit against during the free spins you'll receive 5, 10 or 15 Land of The Giants Free Spins, which means all wilds will come with 5x multipliers. During the Land of the Giants Free Spins feature, the reels will expand and award 3125 betways.