Sweet 16 Blast! Slots

Do you love mobile games? Do you find that you can spend hours lining up rows of different little candies? Do you cheer out loud when you hit a combination? Do you also like to win real money when you play games? Sweet 16 Blast! Slots combines some of the best elements of mobile gaming with slot machine games to give you a really fun and sort of different types of gaming experience.

What is This Game?

Sweet 16 Blast! Slots has a game board that doesn't look quite like a traditional slots game. You will see a grid of 6 columns and 5 rows, but you won't see the classic reels you expect to find when you're playing slots.

However, like with slots games, the game board is full of little symbols and images. If you match symbols across a horizontal line on the game board, you win. And in this game, you aren't just clearing away pieces of candy so that new pieces can fall. When you win at this game, you win real money.

Playing the Game

When it comes to gameplay, Sweet 16 Blast! is very straightforward. A gamer of just about any skill level can figure out this fun, engaging game from Demo play. As you play and get wins, you can earn free spins that allow you to play even longer and possibly win even bigger.

There is a progressive jackpot that builds and builds until someone wins it, which is a thrilling possibility.

The Look

This game has a very bright design that immediately draws the eye. The little candies come in shades of gold, spring green, vivid pink and shining blue. Animations in the background the game add even more movement and action, adding to the overall look and feel.

What Are All Your Options?

This game is made to be easy to play and highly accessible. In fact, you can play this game anywhere, anytime. It is compatible with Android and iOS. You can also play it in a browser. When you play, you'll have options to change the speed of the game and adjust how many times you spin the gameboard using the autoplay option.

Where to Play Sweet 16 Blast! Slots

If you're looking for a more unique gameplay experience that's not quite traditional slots but still captures that same feel and fun, look for Swet 16 Blast! Slots at online casinos.