Princess Casino

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The Princess cruise line is already known for offering excellent casinos and powerful gambling experiences to cruise members, but the company is about to release the most impressive gambling experience to date on its new ship, the Sun Princess. The cruise liner is larger than ever before and comes equipped with superior features, but the casino is one of the most important upgrades passengers will experience.

The Sun Princess is a Vast Ship

The Sun Princess is set to start sailing in February 2024. It's designed to accommodate approximately 4,300 guests onboard, creating recreational opportunities for a vast number of passengers. The ship will be loaded down with exciting amenities, and a new and improved casino will be one of them.

A Bigger and Better Casino

The new casino promises over 50% more space inside than the casinos on Royal ships in the Princess fleet. Gamblers will have access to approximately 30% more machines as well, with over 200 different slot machines and video poker options to choose from.

Many Types of Live Tables

There are several different types of live tables to choose from in this cruise liner's casino, making it simple to gamble in person with a dealer. If you want the live casino experience with a dealer, use one of these tables to get it.

High Rollers enjoy Special Treatment

As usual, high rollers get special opportunities that other gamblers don't get. The high roller area is more limited and features different games. High rollers sit down in more comfortable seats and play games designed specifically to be played at higher wager rates.

Princess is a beloved cruise ship brand that's delivering one of the best gambling experiences in a cruiseliner today. The improved casino is an impressive entertainment piece that enables players to gamble in comfort while enjoying everything that makes the luxurious casino worth using. If you sign up for a cruise on the ship you will enjoy access to its impressive casino where there are many types of games to play.