Pace Lap Slots

There's nothing quite like going fast. Speed is just fun. That's why people ride roller coasters, why they watch races on TV, why everything is always happening so quickly. The world moves fast and you move fast, too. So does Pace Lap Slots. This racing-themed slots game has quick gameplay and a lot of action to pack lots of fun into every single moment of play.

Off to the Races

If you enjoy stock car racing, fast cars and the thrill of victory, Pace Lap Slots was designed with you in mind. This is a classic slots game with a fun car racing theme that's universal. Whether you like Nascar or Formula 1, this game contains images and designs that bring to mind the world of car racing and add in plenty of Las Vegas-style slot machine gaming.

Playing the Game

This is a five-reel slot game with three rows containing letters, numbers and symbols that are familiar to racing fans. You will see images associated with cars and racing, such as helmets, steering wheels and wild symbols. The background is a racetrack on a pretty, sunny day. Checkered flags across the top of the game board add more racing flair to the design.

In slot games, the "pay line" runs horizontally across the game board. When matching symbols fall along the pay line, you win!

Letting the Story Unfold

This slots game is far more interactive and interesting than many other games of the same type. A car on the track actually moves as you play. You will see things happening in the background as the cars race during your gameplay. You will even unlock new tracks and new upgrades for your vehicle as you keep playing, which is a really fun feature that isn't usually a part of slot games.

How to Win

How can you make money with this game? You can win the traditional way, when symbols line up along the pay line. However, there's also a progressive jackpot that you may win at any time. You might also get various wild symbols to help increase your chances of winning.

Where to Play Pace Lap Slots

Ready to get started and get off to the races so you can play this slots game? There are many online casinos that offer this title in both real money and free money versions. Search for this game anywhere you can play slot and you will probably find it. And once you do, it's time to rev your engine and get down to the business of racing toward a big win.