Sparky 7 Slots

It's a well-known fact that slot machines are the most popular attraction at any casino. In fact, casinos put a bank of slot machines right in front so that this is the first thing people see. Online casinos have thousands of slot games for players to enjoy. So in that mix of all those different games, how does Sparky 7 Slots manage to stand out against all of this competition and all these other gambling options?

The Time Machine

Slots are one of the oldest casino games. Slot machines, known in jokes as the one-armed bandits, were invented in the late 1800s and even in spite of all the modern technology the world now has, the game hasn't really changed so much. All the basics are the same. And that's just what makes Sparky 7 Slots so special.

This slots game has a very classic look, with tried-and-true images and symbols and standard slots, gameplay that harkens back to the earliest days of slot machines and the earliest days of gambling.

Playing the Game

This slots game is designed with a classic three-reel look, where three different columns spin quickly around before they land on different symbols. The "pay line" goes across the game board three times horizontally and twice diagonally in an "x" shape across the board. If matching images and symbols line up along these pay lines, you win.

If you can click buttons, you can play this game...and, you can win.

Taking Control of Your Fate

Choose from two different speeds to speed up or slow down the gameplay as you want. The power is in your hands. You can even choose how many times the reels spin. Click the biggest button to watch the reels spin around once. Go to the smaller play button to choose to make the reels spin on their own 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 times. Feeling really lucky? Hit the infinity symbol and those reels will keep right on turning until you totally run out of money.

The Symbols

The symbols and design of this game give it that truly classic look. If you've seen classic slot games, you'll recognize the lucky 7 symbols, the "bar" symbols and the color palette of the game, which features a lot of bright green, blue, red and gold.

Why Play Sparky 7 Slots?

If you like slots and you like the classics, Sparky 7 Slots was designed for you.