Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is a casino table card-playing against the dealer. The player antes and receives a five-card hand; likewise, the dealer gets five cards, with only one showing. The player can fold or double the ante amount at this point. The remaining four cards of the dealer are finally revealed to compare with the player's hand strength. If it's not Ace-King or better, the house pays even money on ante and nothing on bet (no win/loss). If it qualifies for play against the player, then if its hand beats that of the player, both ante and bet go to the house; otherwise, It pays out half of original wager for winning hands.

The jackpot bet is a supplementary side bet worth $1, where the payout is determined by a progressive jackpot system for both straight flushes (10% of jackpot) and royal flushes (100%). The payout table for the jackpot bet is as follows.