Glitz and Glamour Slots

It's always fun to look back at past eras. Movies and TV shows set in historical times can take people back to those days That's exactly what glitz and Glamour Slots does. The images, the design, everything about this game brings to mind those days of the past when people wore hats, used fancy telephones and fanned themselves with super fancy feather and fabric creations. If you like the glitz and glamour of the past and you also like winning money, this is your game.

Studying the Game

This is a five-reel slot game, so there are a lot of colors and images. There are random symbols that act as "wild" spots, along with random jackpots that you could hit at any time. This gives you more chances to win, which is always fun. The images and design are inspired by the golden era of Hollywood, those days of glamorous women and debonair men.

Playing Along

Online slots games capture all the best elements of slots but with all the tech of the digital age. The game board looks like a classic slot machine, maybe one in a high-class casino from the 1930s. All you have to do to play is click. The reels can be spun around once at a time or you can engage the autoplay feature and watch the reels spin on their own multiple times in a row.

How to Win

There are lots of ways to win money and free spins with this game. Get the scatter symbol, which is a car, three or more times to trigger the bonus round. Playing the bonus round will unlock free spins. This is like a little mini-game inside the game, which is a cool additional feature. All prizes are tripled during your free bonus games, which can lead to some really big wins.

Keep your eyes peeled for the gentleman and the lady, the two wild cards. When they appear, your chances to win are increased.

Where to Play Glitz and Glamour Slots

You can find Glitz and Glamour slots in multiple online casinos. This is a real money slots game, which means you'll be wagering your own money and possibly winning money for yourself while you play. Online casinos offer easy signup and registration, so you can start playing in just moments.

A Dazzling Game

The beautiful colors and design make this slot game stand out from others you can find at online casinos. the five spinning reels offer lots of ways to win and there are some bonuses that players can collect. Thanks to the random progressive jackpots, anyone can be a winner at this game.