Gem Fruits Slots

Gem Fruits is a classic game by RealTime Gaming. It's a modern variation of one of the more popular nostalgic slots and it's played on 25 pay lines and is played on a 3-row five-reel game grid. The top reward for this game is 50,000x your bet per line, making it a high volatility slot. That means the game pays out less frequently. but the wins are far more generous when they do payout. There are other excellent features like jackpot bonuses and free games. The theme is simple. The backdrop is a simplistic dark blue space with geometric diamond designs in the background. The symbols on Gem Fruits include jewel symbols, tropical fruits and more. Some of the fruits you'll find amongst these reels include plums and grapes. There's also a polygonal and a triangular glaze that makes every fruit look like a gemstone. Stylistically, it was an excellent choice. The graphics have a cartoonish, 2D quality. There are plenty 3D computer animated games in this day and age, but Gem Fruits sticks with its own quirky interpretation of a classic slot. The screen and general graphics aren't too busy, either.

Bonus Features

This game comes with a plethora of special features. There are free spins and jackpots, as you'd expect from any high quality RealTime Gaming slot. If you land three scatters you'll receive free spins, you might even land up to 25 free spins if you land five. This game also has a unique stacked wild feature that offers numerous payouts. You can also retrigger this feature, regardless.

This game has a jackpot feature too. If you land any five identical jackpot symbols in normal mode or free mode, you'll trigger the grand prize wheel. If you land the grand prize wheel, the board is replaced by the jackpot reel and you'll receive an award. The grand jackpot pays out 25,000x your bet. The maxi jackpot pays out 5,000x your bet per line, and the major jackpot pays out 2,500x your bet. The minor jackpot pays out 500x your bet and the smallest jackpot is the mini jackpot which pays out 30x your bet.


Gem Fruits by RealTime Gaming proves once again RTG can pretty much do nothing wrong, and this is especially true when it comes to their classic themed slots. I love a good fruit based slot game and they don't compromise even an ounce of quality while crafting their classic game. It's just another addition to their captivating collection of games that they've been crafting for over 20 years at this point. I love the subtle combinations of the fruit symbolism and the gems. It's the kind of game that will indulge your inner child! If you want to feel like you're walking on air, give this game a shot. I've never played a game that artfully combined two separate themes that would seemingly have nothing in common like this one has.