Big Bopper Slots

If you know your rock and roll history, then you will recognize the name and design of Big Bopper Slots. This game takes you back to the 1950s, when rock and roll was new and a little bit rebellious, too. This game honors an interesting piece of rock history and dazzles the eye with all the iconic symbols of the era.

The Story Behind the Slots

The Big Bopper was an icon of early rock and roll, famous for songs like Chantilly Lace and White Lighting. He was known for his booming voice and he had a very classic 1950s look that represents the popular style of the decade. He played guitar and sang lead vocals, rising to the top of the charts and becoming extremely popular during his career.

The Look of the Game

Symbols associated with music and with the time period are displayed on the five spinning reels of this game. Everything is designed with a great retro look with brightly-colored neon accents.

The reels display symbols like guitars, musical notes, records, radios, jukeboxes, telephones and some other interesting images. The Big Bopper himself will appear from time to time. IOt's a great-looking game that really honors the style of the 1950s and the images associated with rock and roll.

Playing the Slots

Slots are always an incredibly popular casino game. This particular slot game has five reels and fast gameplay. Sometimes, gifs will pop up inside the symbols and actually play little clips. That's a standout little feature of this game. The animations, colors and design are stunning.

Start Spinning

Several custom features give you more control. There's a speed bar represented by three bottles of soda, an extremely popular beverage in the 1950s. This represents the three different steps of the game, so you can slow down or speed up the reels as you like. Use the autoplay to make the reels spin many times in a row, or click the spun button to make the reels go around just once.

The design is uncluttered and easy to use, with all the buttons and settings displayed right at the front bottom of the gameboard.

Winning at Big Bopper Slots

You can play the Big Bopper Slots game for real money or just for fun, with no stakes on the line. Find this game at many different online casinos and dive into the era of cool cats and great music.